Natural Lemongrass Soap

Natural Lemongrass Soap

Enjoy the purity of nature with this wonderful Lemongrass soap. With its delicate citrus scent, Lemongrass it is known for its ability to calm the digestive system, reduce fevers and treat insomnia, while research shows that the main chemical component found in lemongrass, citral, is an anti-cancer agent that fights cancer cells while preserving healthy tissue. It will gives your skin vitality and flexibility and is great to help the body recover after exercise.

In addition, it’s infused with a dash of Tumeric powder, a natural anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, which helps fight disease and will boost your immune system.

Saboneto’s Lemongrass soap will refesh and rejuvenate your body for an amazing washing experience every time!

Weight around: 
100 g


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