Dead Sea Mud Soap-Geranium Scented



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For thousands of years, the wondrous healing properties of Dead Sea mud have been used to make skin more healthy, beautiful, and youthful. Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals and salts which penetrate the skin pores and leave your skin refreshed and revitalized, while increased blood flow fights the aging process. Infused with the rich fragrant oils of various native plants, and processed together in a way that preserves all of their natural properties, this series of Dead Sea mud soaps is one of the best all natural therapeutic and beautifying treatments for your skin.

Dead Sea Mud Soap-Geranium Scented

“The Geranium reminds me of quiet children, who don’t bother bother anyone or ask for anything, who sometimes are easily forgotten.”

Geranium oil has a very pleasant and uplifting aroma, comparable to a combination of floral fragrances and mint. Due to its amazing anti-bacteria, anit-fungal properties, Geranium is used for a number of skin care and hair care purposes, including the treatment of acne, dermatitis and other skin diseases. In addition, Geranium has natural anti-depressant and stress relieving properties while also serving as a natural insect repellant.


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100 g

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Weight 100 g