Our Story

The story of Saboneto actually began many years ago when Shlomo went to work at the Israeli olive oil company, “Meshech Achya.” There, Shlomo learned all about the special qualities and health benefits of olive oil. Together with his love of the land and working with his hands, Shlomo was inspired to plant his own olive tree orchard in the hills of Binyamin.

At the same time, Shlomo had another passion, cooking! It was just a matter of time until the oil began to rise to the surface of the water, so to speak, and he began to devise his plans. After the first olive harvest and the processing of his own batch of olive oil, Shlomo decided he would combine his passions for fine olive oil and cooking to make natural, healthy soaps. He poured the oil in the pot and began to experiment with different combinations of natural oils and plants. Thus began Shlomo’s journey into the world of natural soaps.

He dedicated himself to his craft day and night, concocting formulas, appropriating the various native plants, mixing in the oils and developing new special recipes of high quality soaps rich in mud and salt from the Dead Sea. The Keshet family also joined in, unable to resist the wondrous fragrances that would fill the home, and energized by as well by the clear benefits of these amazing soaps.

Each with His Own Fragrance

However, within the Keshet family, there is a story much older. About 17 years ago, long before Shlomo discovered olive oil, his wife, Naami, gave birth to their fourth son, Elnatan, who was born with Down Syndrome. At that moment they understood their life mission, to harness all their strength to help Elnatan discover all of his potential, exactly like they do today with the medicinal plants.

Today, Elnatan works in the family factory, where he and his friends who have joined him, wrap all of the soaps with love. Every person with his own abilities, his own fragrance!